Free Stuff While you Play Bingo? Click Here!

This will be my last post about Portugal till September. I will write new posts In September for new Erasmus students that will arrive in Portugal. Till then, remember to check our last posts to get new ideas and discover new things about this wonderful country.

Ok, let’s continue with this post. I don’t know about your country, but did you know that you can eat and drink almost for free if you are going to play Bingo? That’s right! This old amazing game is an excuse to fill your stomach with great food at amazing prices. You can even walk away with a prize, how about that?

Panda Bingo

Panda Bingo

Located in Lisbon, this Bingo have a minimum price between 0,50€ and 1€ for a card. Their offer ranges, but you are expected to have a free lunch and dinner! They offer steak, duck rice and other Portuguese dishes. They are opened from 14:00 till 02:00.

Bingo da Trindade

Bingo da Trindade

Located in Porto, each card costs around 1€. They have different offers and happy hours, so please stand by and get what you want! They offer a buffet of seafood and an open bar. They also have some Portuguese dishes costing 0,50€. Their are opened from 15:00 till 03:00.

Bingo Os Belenenses



We are back to Lisbon. This bingo has a capacity for 600 people and they offer various prizes. The offers vary every day, so please stay tuned to their facebook for news and special offers. They are opened from 15:00 till 03:00.

Bingo Benfica


Located in Lisbon, they offer low prices for food. A card cost around 0,50€ and you can order a Portuguese bifana for 2€, a hamburger for 2,80€ or a hot dog for the same price. They are opened from 13:00 till 21:00.

Bingo da Amadora


Located in Lisbon (almost all of them are), we advise you to go on a Wednesday. They offer an open bar and a buffet of seafood! You just need to keep playing. Each card costs between 0,50€ and 1€. They are opened between 13:45 and 02:45.

This article was based on the following article, written in Portuguese by NIT.

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