10 Tree Houses to Spend the Night in Portugal

If you ever fantasized about sleeping in a tree house, look no further. Today I show you 10 original tree houses for you to sleep in. We normally see tree houses in films or animated series, but they are real, and they are here. Pay attention because you are going to see amazing places to visit while you are here.


Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

 Pedras Salgadas Spa & Nature Park

In the city of Vila Pouca de Aguiar, the architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade decided to design a modern tree house. The tree house has all you want in a cozy place, like a bathroom, kitchenette, a double bed, and a sofa. The house only has two windows, one to observe the life in the park and another pointed at the sky, to see the stars at night.

Take out your wallet because each house is sold in packages. A “romantic package” costs 592€ and “relaxing in nature” costs about 624€. You can see their prices and offers here. There will be cheaper options below, I promise you.

Nomad Tree House

Nomad Tree House

On the Peneda gerês national park you’ve got a choice to sleep on a tree house. Nomad is located right inside the park so you will be surrounded by pure nature. The house is really comfortable and it even offers a balcony to appreciate your surroundings. The prices start at 49€ and you might have a minimum time stay of two nights on some occasions.

Vale da Silva Villas


This tree house was specially built for those who love nature on it’s purest state. Located in the middle of Portugal (10 km away from Aveiro), they offer more than just a house. You can interact with horses or take a dive at the nearest house. The house has a bathroom and cooking facilities to ensure a nice stay. The price starts for about 60€.


Encostas do Côa

Encostas do Côa

This tree house is part of the rural tourism hotel. You will sleep in this tree house, but you will also have access to other comforts like barbecue or a gym. Inside this tree house you have a bed and a bathroom, only. The price for a weekend is 80€/night.

Quinta do Formil

Quinta do Formil Tree House

This tree house is located in the heart of the beautiful star mountain. In the premises, you will find different kinds of vegetation and trees, and the house offers every comfort you might need. They offer a price of 59€ per night.


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort


In this resort you will find 7 tree houses with a capacity for four to six people. They offer a wide space with a cozy kitchen and everything decorated in style. They are located in Peniche and they offer an escape to your routine. You will also have access to a restaurant, bar, Yoga gym and a wellness center nearby. The price for a night will start at about 140€.

Caeiro’s Tree by the Beach

Caeiro’s Tree by the Beach

This Airbnb offers a place to relax and take your stress away. They say that “waking up in the middle of a tree is a unique experience” and you should experience it, at least once in your lifetime. The house is supported by a pine tree and it’s two minutes walking distance to the beach. A night in this place will cost you 45€.

South Glamping Magic Tree House

South Glamping Magic Tree House

This tree house, located in Montargil, was made to be cozy, simple and comfortable. The house is located in a traditional farm so you will see goats, porks, dogs and horses. If you decide to stay here, you will have the opportunity to taste the traditional bread, the honey and the goat cheese made on the farm. The price is about 25€/night.

Raw Romantic Tree House

Raw Romantic Tree House

This tree house offers an amazing place to do Yoga or just relax in silence. The house was built near rivers and you can hear the birds and all sounds from the forest. It’s located near Odemira, so you will have beaches available nearby. If you feel like tasting our food, you have a vegetarian restaurant that enhances your experience. The price is 55€/night.

Walnut Tree Farm


This tree house is located in Aljezur. They built this house around a centenary tree, so they made sure the decorations were tuned to a traditional tree house. This house is really high so you will have an amazing view from the top of the tree to the locations nearby. The main house that serves as a support to this tree house will let you taste regional food from the region. The price per night is 120€.

And you, do you have another offer? Comment below!

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