Things to do in Portugal

After my post about Things to do on Erasmus to get some ideas, now you can also read about things to do in Portugal. This article will give you some ideas if you’re bored or if you want to do something different. Let’s read!

Go to the Zoo

Lisbon Zoo


The Lisbon zoo is located near the bus terminal. they offer a wide range of animals to ensure that you have fun through the whole day. I highlight the special shows with dolphins and birds. They have a cable car to go around the zoo with a different perspective and you can help the zookeepers if you want. Also, if you really love an animal, you can adopt one (you can’t take it home, but you can pay to have unlimited visits and wider hours of visit).

Visit a Safari

Badoka Safari Park


Badoka Safari park is located between Lisbon and Sines. They are opened from March till October and they are amazing. From the Safari itself to other stuff like African Rafting or feeding the Lemurs, they sure know how to captivate everyone.

Visit Sea Life

Sea Life Porto


Why not catch a glimpse of seahorses, sharks and other types of fish on this gigantic aquarium? They are open every day of the year (except Christmas) and their schedule ranges from 10:00 till 18:00. I highlight their amazing aquatic tunnel that everyone loves.

Visit a Beer Factory

Nortada Beer Factory


The factory opened to the public February 15th, 2018. They offer more than 1500 square meters of beer themed space. You can see the factory, taste one of their types of beer or buy merchandising from the brand. You can even watch a football match while you snack a table of cheeses, for example.

Go to an Aquatic Park

Slide & Splash Algarve


If you are tired of beaches (pun intended), you can decide to spend a say in an aquatic park. There you can find everything ranging from Restaurants till pools with waves. Prices range depending on the month, types of pools they offer and the region you are in. For example, an aquatic park in Algarve is more expensive than one in Vieira beach, Leiria.

Do a Walking Trail

Terceira Walking Trail


You have a huge offer in literally every town you visit in Portugal. In Azores, Madeira, Porto region or Algarve, you have a huge choice of trails for every difficulty you want to face. You will truly see breathtaking places and take awesome pictures.

Relax on the beach

Beach in Algarve


June, July, August and September are the months that we all take a time to relax at the beach. We all do it, and you will see lots of people with a towel and an umbrella rotating their skin on the sun. Why not do that too?

Eat a Portuguese Dish


Take time to appreciate our food. Really! Taste our steak on the bread, our francesinha, our cod fish, and do that with a glass of wine. Here are some posts for you, if you are interested in reading about our fried food, “enchidos” and deserts.

See a concert

Sudoeste Festival


Summer is all about having a good time with your friends. We have huge festivals occurring in Portugal, with international bands and everything you can think of. Grab a tent, some alcohol and have a good time listening to bands and meeting new people.

Go to Hidden Towns


Since you will be here for some time, you could take time and see hidden gems that are still unreachable to mainstream tourists. Read some articles about places to visit in Portugal and appreciate what we have to offer.

Learn the language


Learning the language of the country you are visiting is enough to enhance your experience and have a good time. it’s specially useful if you are lost and you have to ask directions to old people. I have prepared an article about Basic Portuguese for you to read, if you want to start.

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