5 Political Phrases we Cannot Forget

This blog is not only about travel tips for coming to Portugal, but we can also have a laugh sometimes. There are things that will be never forgotten. I’m not talking about ancient history, this happened just a few years ago! Be amazed by our politicians!

  • The Handshake

Fortunately, Euronews cached this moment of our prime minister José Socrates, in 2007. He hated journalists, and you can now understand why.

  • The Horns

Our minister of economy Manuel Pinho did a funny gesture after a politician from another party made a comment about our mine workers. Unfortunately, he resigned the same day, after apologizing for what he did.

  • For a “poorer” country

Again, our prime minister José Socrates appears on this article after speaking the truth, by mistake. He was speaking about our emigrants and he was saying “I want to say goodbye with a confident word in yourself and in your families. You will do your best for a fairer and poorer country“. He corrected himself by saying that he meant “for a more supportive country”.

  • Flag upside down

Our president of the republic Cavaco Silva put the flag upside down during the celebrations of our revolution of October 5th. Our republic regime was established on October 5th, 1910, after deposing the constitutional monarchy.

  • The Interruption of Democracy

The President of the opposition party, Manuela Ferreira Leite, asked “If it wouldn’t be best to interrupt the democracy for 6 months” so we can do a fiscal reform without any trouble and then restore the democracy.

  • What do we need to do to get more babies in Portugal?

Our President of the Portuguese Republic, Cavaco Silva, asked the population what needs to be done so that more babies can be born in Portugal. I guess the sexual education classes were not effective on our President.

  • The pension

Again, our President of the Portuguese Republic, Cavaco Silva, said that his two pensions will not be enough for his expenses. Later we found out he was receiving more than 10000€ a month. In a country where our minimum wage is 485€, it’s not hard to see why most of us felt insulted.

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