How to Reduce Homesickness Abroad


When we travel abroad for a long time or we go to another country to study, it’s certain that we will feel homesick. Our routine doesn’t exist anymore and we are faced with unfamiliar places and far from our family and friends. It’s tough, but it’s also very rewarding.

We need to discover ourselves, and there is no better way than to be alone in another country and try to survive. It’s important to not let Homesickness win because it’s the best time for you to travel to other cities near you or even other countries. You will learn new cultures and see what is like to live in another country.

When you come back to your home country, you will see that you are more mature and that you feel like a new person. You will not even recognize your own bedroom at home anymore.

But, to survive homesickness it’s fundamental that you follow these tips:

  • Try Local FoodFood has united people for centuries. There is no better way to understand other people’s culture than to eat their food. If you are afraid to try everything, check this guide, it will help you;
  • Control your Skype calls: It’s not healthy to spend the whole day and night connected to your family through Skype calls. Remember to try new things. If you don’t try them, you will not them if you like them;
  • Forget about social media: Social media are amazing to see what other people want you to see. It’s also known to be very toxic for people that are obsessed with what others are doing. Detach yourself from social media and start focusing in what you want to do, not others are doing;
  • Do a list about what do you want to see: Why not start a list to see what do you want to do and see in the country you are in or even other countries. You control your life now! Check this guide for things to see in Portugal and start getting ideas;
  • Travel with your friends from home: You are doing an experience abroad, but why not book a place to stay with your friends from home? They might have the same tastes like you!
  • Exercise: Exercise does amazing things for the body. It also helps the body to refocus and gain the energy you need. If you like to run, try running around your Erasmus city, to check new places to visit when you finish;
  • Get a routine: It’s very important to start a new routine. It’s very hard to have the same routine here that you had at home. For example, if you are from Poland, the idea of having dinner at 8PM might drive you nuts, but that’s the time we have dinner in Portugal. Remember that a new routine needs to be worked for around 21 days, to let your body get used to it;
  • Meet someone new: If you are on Erasmus, there is no better time to meet new people. Check Couchsurfing or the local hostel and start meeting new people today!
  • Live your dream: Remember that you wanted this and that others envy you for doing what you are doing. If Erasmus was easy, everybody was doing it.

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