5 Things we have in Portugal (and that we are not proud of)

Every country has things that they are not proud of. Portugal also has amazing gems that every Erasmus student and tourist loses their mind about. See them here in this article!

Note: The following article is tagged as Not Safe for Work, please be aware!

  • Nossa Senhora Glass Statue


Believe me when I say that this is a statue. I know it looks like another thing but please let me explain.

When Pope Francis visited us in 2017, Vista Alegre (an expensive decorative glass company) launched a statue to celebrate the moment.

Don’t believe me? Buy it here, it’s on sale! Be prepared to spend around 183€ on it. I am not sure where can you get a similar item for less money…

  • Francisco Statue


If you feel like the statue above is too expensive for you, you can buy a similar statue from the same collection! I present you the “Francisco” statue, representing pope Francis.

It’s an equally funny statue with the added bonus of being cheaper to buy. You can buy it here for about 75€

If you think you need a more obvious souvenir to bring home, I recommend you the next item.

  • Caralho das Caldas


Caralho” (or “Falo“) das Caldas is the name of the object above. The students from Art’s & Design College (in Caldas da Rainha) might have seen this object while walking in the city.

This object is decorative and it can also hold liquids inside. The owners that build these huge objects claim the biggest one can hold 5 liters of liquid, and it measures 60 centimeters from top to bottom. That’s a huge object, am I right?

  • Zé Povinho


This character was created in 1875 by Bordalo Pinheiro, a Portuguese artist. The object was created because it was his understanding of the Portuguese population at the time.

In his words, this character symbolizes the Portuguese population. We are in current anger with the government and their unwillingness to solve the problems our country faces.

This character also symbolizes our anger against corruption and unfairness, having at the same time a passive attitude that doesn’t want to do anything about it.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Statue


Do you know Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese football player that won numerous awards for being the best in the world? Now check the picture.

Do they look similar? Unfortunately, the artist created a worse job than Fifa 07 on Playstation 2!

This statue is displayed at his airport, in Madeira island. Fortunately, the artist promised to replace the statue with a better one, and we are impressed. He really did a good job!

Unfortunately, there is no known location of the statue in the picture. Maybe he put the statue in his house, to remember what he did? We don’t know.

Do you have things that your country is ashamed of? Please comment below!

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