Gyms and Pools in Leiria

I was once an Erasmus student and, like me, I believe you want to exercise while on Erasmus. Leiria is an amazing city to run outside but, if you want, you also have an amazing choices of gyms and pools.


Luxus Health Club

Luxus is an affordable gym that offers everything from training alone, till group classes like Zumba or Crossfit. Prices range from 20-37€/month. The only bad thing I can say about them is that they are far away from the city.


Phive Leiria

Phive is a new gym in Leiria that’s focused on the high end experience. They are located in the new part of town so they can be a little bit far away from what you wanted. Also, they are also known to be expensive. With a plan starting from about 45€/month you will have training room, pool, relax zone (Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath) and group classes.

Fitness Factory

Fitness Factory Leiria

Fitness Factory is a gym that’s focused in economy. They don’t have the traditional gym system (free showers, pools and SPA) so they pass their low costs to their clients. It’s located near Phive and they have prices starting from 20€/month. The advantages are that you can cancel the gym membership at any time with no cost, if you want. Unfortunately you are only offered the basic stuff so, if you want a shower, you might need to pay 0,30€/3 minutes.

Fitness Hut

Fitness Hut Coimbra

Fitness Hut is another new gym in Leiria. It’s so new that’s not even opened yet! It will be located in our new Lis Shopping and has a concept of being a premium low-cost. For about 25-35€/month you have access to a nice gym near you.


Be-fit Leiria

Be-fit is a gym located near Leiria Shopping. In my opining is the gym where you can get more for your money. For 20€/month you can have everything they offer (don’t include the extreme stuff like martial arts) in a good location.


CrossFit Leiria

If you love Crossfit, why not practice in the first place that started Crossfit in Leiria? This place is located near the prison school and offers training for everyone. The last time I saw, it was cheaper to practice Crossfit in Luxus than in this gym.


Leirifitness GymLeirifitness is a small gym located near the Crossfit gym. They offer prices ranging from 20-35€/month. They are not so famous so you might exercise alone if you enter at the right time.


Maxigym Leiria

Maxigym is a gym located really far from the city center. They are just like a traditional gym and offer different things depending on your personal plan. Their prices range from 20-52€/month depending if you want to to have the Turkish bath, Sauna and Jacuzzi, towel or Crossfit.

Municipal Pool

Municipal Pools Leiria


The municipal pool of Leiria is a government complex that has both pool and gym. You pay a card and you can just swim as you want. I didn’t check the prices this year, but it may be starting from 5€/1 hour and 30 minutes. You can also use a monthly pass or the gym with prices starting just for 20€/month.

If you choose the pool option you have two big pools (one with heated water and one with cold water) and a nice locker room. The gym option has all the basic machines for you to exercise your body.

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