Basic Portuguese

When I was in the Netherlands, a citizen there asked me if Portugal has its own language. IT HAS! Portuguese is in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. We don’t only speak Portuguese in Portugal, but also in Brazil and several African nations including Mozambique and Angola.

After teaching you how to order Beer in Portugal (priorities, I know), today we are going to learn basic Portuguese! More than 20% of our population knows how to speak English, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Feel free to read this post and take notes or bookmark this page.

Olá – Hello

We start with a greeting. It’s common courtesy to greet the people you pass with an exclamation of good wishes. You can also use a variation of this, just like:

  • Bom Dia – Good day
  • Boa Tarde – Good afternoon
  • Boa Noite – Good night

We use these phrases everywhere including stores, restaurants, museums, and social settings with friends. Not doing so (and not replying) is considered rude, so be sure to keep these three sayings in the back of your mind.

Adeus – Goodbye

The same rule applies when we are going away or leaving somewhere. It’s considered rude to not say Goodbye to a person when you leave. In a store or Restaurant, you say Goodbye and Thank them (Agradecido).

Por Favor – Please

Desculpa – I’m sorry

De Nada – You’re welcome

Com Licença – Excuse me

Sometimes, walking through the crowd is difficult to do, but a simple “excuse me” will do. It’s common to see crowds in popular places when you go out or go to a restaurant, so remember this just in case you feel blocked somewhere.

Onde fica a casa de banho – Where is the bathroom?

Está tudo fixe – Everything is good/cool

This is a nice and common way to say that you’re happy with the service or with you. Funny thing is that Fixe is very similar to the English word Fish, when you say it out loud.

Sim – Yes

Não – No

Talvez – Maybe

Carne – Meat

Very important for some Erasmus students when ordering lunch (almoço) or dinner (jantar). Below, you can find the most common types of meats we have in this country. When asking for a Portuguese dish, please be sure to check the type of meat.

  • Porco – Pork
  • Vaca – Cow
  • Galinha – Chicken
  • Franco – Chicken
  • Perú – Turkey

Peixe – Fish

Hoje – Today

Amanhã – Tomorrow

Quanto custa? – How much is it?

Um – One

Dois – Two

Três – Three

Quatro – Four

Cinco – Five

Onde fica a casa de banho? – Where is the bathroom?

Como está?/Como vai?/Tudo bem? – How are you doing?

A conta por favor – The bill, please

Have any suggestions? Please contact me for more!

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