Beautiful parts of Portugal – Part Four

Welcome to part four of our series about beautiful parts of Portugal. Feel free to check the part three if you missed, and return to find amazing gems hidden from most tourists. As always, feel free to contact me if I missed something.



If you travel to this city, be sure to save some time because there is so much to see around here! Be sure to check Arrábida Natural Park, Sado Estuary, Galapinhos beach or the small city of Tróia. You can also visit a lot of churches and even a convent. It really depends on where do you want to spend some time.

Praia do Tonel


If you go south for an hour or so, following the coast, you will find Tonel beach. Locals find relaxation there and they think it’s an amazing place to surf. But bring a jacket, because you might visit it on a windy day.

Ribeira de Odeleite


This stream of water is located in Odeleite. It’s a village near the border with Spain, but it’s also called the blue dragon. It’s visited by a lot of Chinese tourists that believe it will bring them good luck. But this formation is not natural! We built a dam and, as the dam is filling with water, the dragon starts to take shape. Are you superstitious?

Praia do Camilo


Camilo beach is situated in our amazing Algarve. Just the name brings good memories to Portuguese people and foreigners because everyone spends a great time there. Every summer all regions of Algarve start flooding with tourists, all hoping to get a glimpse of the 10 hours of sun and the amazing landscapes we have around there. Be one of them! Party a lot and catch a sunburn because you didn’t put enough sunscreen.

Praia Dona Ana


Dona Ana beach. Just the picture already gives you goosebumps to visit, right?  The good news is that this beach and Camilo beach are just minutes apart. In Algarve you will see that amazing thing: if you don’t like the beach you are in, walk 5 minutes and enter another! There is no way to escape the freezing Atlantic ocean, though.

Praia Benagil


Benagil beach is recognized by having the amazing rock with the hole on top. I add a lot of Erasmus students when they talk to me, and I can guarantee that all of them travel here just to take a picture with this rock.

Put this beach in your bucket list. Not only you can experience the Algarve region, but also take breathtaking pictures like this one. Explore this region with your friends, and I can guarantee you that you will be surprised.

Did you explore all of Portugal? Do not forget about the two groups of islands, Madeira and Azores! I will dedicate a special article for these two groups.

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