Beautiful parts of Portugal – Part Three

Welcome to the third part of this beautiful country. Today we are going to pass south from Leiria and stop in Lisbon, our capital. These posts are amazing to get ideas or catch a glimpse of our beautiful country, so please stay tuned.



Fátima is a religious city. Every year more than 500 thousand people visit this city just because of the sanctuary. Just this year Fátima expected a million people for the celebrations with pope Francis.

In 1917 there was a miracle in this town. Virgin Mary appeared in the sun on October 13th, 1917. Three Catholic shepherd children living near Fatima reported apparitions of an Angel, that would appear again on October 13th. Fortunately, that happened in front of 30 thousand people, and the miracle stayed with Fatima since then.



Óbidos is a charming town. It’s small and medieval, ideal for anyone interested in history and culture. We take good care of our forts and we hope you spend a good time here. Because everyone needs an excuse to go here we have two great festivals: Chocolate and Medieval. The chocolate festival happens in March or April and the Medieval festival happens in July or August.



Peniche is a small city with beautiful gems for everyone. If you want to surf you have amazing waves around here. If you want to sunbathe you have amazing beaches. Finally, if you just want to hang around town you will find a great atmosphere around here. Polytechnic of Leiria also has a school around here, so you have international students to hang out with.



If you visit Peniche you can’t leave without passing through Berlengas. Berlengas is a small island near the coast of Peniche, protected from major tourism. You can visit the island from May to September to do anything from walking trails to sunbathing and boat rides.

Top tips: There are only three options to spend the night there, there is no electricity at night and the drinkable water supply is limited. It’s advisable to bring your own food, water, and flashlight. Also, please take a pill to avoid seasickness, because the boat ride to the island might be very bumpy.

Budha Eden Garden


Open every day of the year (except on January 1st and December 25th), this garden is recognized as the largest oriental garden in Europe. Located in Loridos farm, this garden has around 35 hectares of land full of oriental sculptures. Amazed? The entrance costs 4€ and you can surprise any of your friends by visiting a hidden place right in the heart of Portugal.



Tourists go to Sintra for a simple reason. Sintra has one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Portugal. After visiting the palace you can go to the great forest full of hidden pathways, ornate features, and great viewpoints. Top tip: Please view it in the morning or late afternoon to get away from the coach tours full of tourists.

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But Sintra has a lot more to offer. What about Quinta da Regaleira? A Gothic mansion with one of the most elaborate gardens of this town. Be amazed by the stunning views and the initiation well. Other special places are Cabo da Roca (the most westerly point of mainland Europe), Pena parkMonserrate palaceMoorish Castle and the National palace.



Lisbon is the capital of Portugal. It’s a really huge city, and you might need to hurry if you want to see everything in just a couple of days. Like an Erasmus student said in a viral video, Lisbon has a lot to offer!

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Want to shop around? Go to Colombo shopping center. Want to chill around? Check the CCB garden. Love animals? Check the ZOO or the Aquarium. Love history? Check the local museums! Want to see the city? Hop on a bus and get out in Belem tower or Parque das Nações. Tired of everything? Go see a concert, fado or a local band performing live!

I don’t want to continue to write about Lisbon, but believe me I have a lot of things to say. Luckily there are amazing reviews, tips and routes you can choose from the internet. Make a trip on your own or with some friends and have a great time!

Check out the Part four!

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