Beautiful parts of Portugal – Part One

I know that all Erasmus students love to travel. However, most of them overlook Portugal to visit and have a great time. Portugal is a country that hides a lot of secrets from tourists, and you can take advantage of this by visiting these places before anyone else!

I will do a guide divided by sections. In this guide, you can find everything from cities to landscape and even national parks! Take time to read this article and think about what you can do in this country. Please note that this listing is the most important things you should do around here, you could have other cities around these listings that could be even more amazing and lovely.



Porto was chosen as the best European destination in 2017. You can check the video of the award and imagine the experience you will have there. You can go to the beach, do a tour around town with a Use-it map, watch a game with FC Porto, try a Francesinha or Bifana, drink Port Wine or take a boat ride.

Aveiro & Águeda & Costa Nova Beach


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You can visit all three cities in a combo. Aveiro is known as Venice of Portugal. A small city full of charming boats called moliceiros that nowadays are used to transport tourists around the river (10€ per person). The next day you could visit Águeda. A very small city known for umbrella sky project and by a very vivid town (full of colors).

Around the coast of Aveiro you can try and visit Costa Nova beach. It’s a nice neighborhood with those colorful houses and a nice atmosphere. You can book a three day trip to all these places, it will be just enough.



Braga is a beautiful city full of treasures that are hidden to most tourists. You can go downtown and get used to the atmosphere, go visit Bom Jesus park or watch a game at the famous stadium built near a mountain. In June the city gains life to have a party in favor of São João and it was the European capital of youth in 2012.

Peneda Gerês National Park


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Here it is, one of the most well-hidden gems of Portugal. This national park even has places that aren’t well explored and available on the internet. You can check here for a walk around the park, with tips and everything. I recommend you take some days to visit this and talk with locals in the hostel, hotel or camping to get some tips. You will not regret visiting this place, for sure!

Passadiços do Paiva

I could put a picture, but a video is even better! Paiva Walkways have a distance of 8km and it’s tagged with hard difficulty. You can take an average time of 2H30M to complete the trail, but I guess you will take more time because you might want to rent and enjoy the amazing views of the mountain. Unfortunately, there was a fire in 2016 that destroyed the path, but don’t worry because it reopened again in 2017! There is a possibility that the mountain didn’t fully recover from the fires in 2016, but you can always enjoy the view and be shocked by the power of fire. Please view their website, available in English language.



Viseu is elected time and time again for the best city to live in Portugal. It’s famous for the wine, it’s history, museums, churches and beautiful landscapes. Check their English website to catch your eye.

Alvão Natural Park


Another park? Yes, our country is full of parks, and they are all amazing. This park has a dimension of 70 square km’s and it provides a habitat for endangered birds and other animals that are well protected in the boundaries of the park.

Anyone can visit this park and enjoy the beautiful landscape, bird watching or just walk around the park. This park has one of the biggest waterfalls in Portugal (Figas de Ermelo). check this website for more information!

See you in the next article!

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