Cinemas in Leiria

After getting yourself adapted to this city and country, today I’m going to show you how to have an alternative night, in the cinema! Leiria has two major cinema places, they are CinePlace and Cinema City. We have other smaller theaters to show alternative or local movies, they are José Lúcio da Silva and Miguel Franco. These theaters might have also shows for locals. Remember, you have the Map of Leiria where you can check everything.

CinePlace Leiria Shopping


CinePlace is the best one for Erasmus students. Because it’s in Leiria Shopping, it’s easy to walk there and there are buses till midnight on weekdays. It’s also the one that offers the best price to watch movies. You can check the exhibitions on this link (only in Portuguese) or walk to the cinema to check the billboards. There are different prices for different weekdays. You can have a student menu (ticket + small popcorn + drink) for 6,50€ from Monday to Wednesday. From Thursday to Sunday the price jumps to about 8€.

Cinema City


Cinema City is the second major cinema in Leiria. Is the biggest one also and they have amazing movie rooms. The building is decorated with huge animals and you can’t get out of Leiria without taking a picture with one.

Unfortunately is not very good in terms of location. It’s hard to walk there and it’s a bit far from the city. Maybe you can go there on the academic week or freshman week because it will be very close to the venue. The tickets are not cheap (6,50€ for a movie ticket + 6,90€ for popcorn and drink). You can have a lunch or dinner menu for 9€ also (the price includes the movie ticket). You can check the movies currently being played here (only in Portuguese).

Final Notes

All movies are displayed in their original language, but with Portuguese subtitles. The only exception is with animation movies that are dubbed into our native language (for the children).

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