What are “Enchidos”?

Welcome to the last post regarding food in Portugal. We love enchidos and today is time for me to teach you anything you need to know.  First of all, enchidos is a type of food that is prepared by filling animal guts (previously cleaned) with anything we want. You can buy a lot of different types, from meat to rice. In supermarkets we can’t use animal guts so you will have a synthetic gut.

After filling them we put them in a smokehouse for about a week and they come out done. If you are afraid of buying enchidos, just eat “Cozido à Portuguesa” in a restaurant and you will taste almost all enchidos.

Please be aware that most of enchidos are filled with pork or cow meat, so please ask before you taste, if you can’t eat one type of meat.

Chouriço – Chorizo


There are three common types of Chorizo in Portugal. The first one is the normal type and it’s filled with white and red meats, pork fat, garlic, wine and salt. The second one (chouriço de sangue) is filled with pork blood and might have meat inside. Sometimes we just filled it with blood and pork fat, but it depends on the region. The third one is an onion chorizo (chouriço de cebola) and it has the ingredients of the normal one, plus onion.


In my opinion the best cooking method is with a clay barbecue and ethyl alcohol. It’s cooked to perfection that way. Normally we use the Chorizo as a side dish or in between bread slices, it tastes amazing.



Alheira is another type of enchido. It’s very tasty and can be eaten on a dish like in the picture. To fill an alheira we need bread, cow meat, garlic, salsa, salt and ham. It’s normally cooked in the oven, with oil or in the grill. You can eat the skin but there are people who only eat the filling (the best part).



Aww Farinheira, one of the best type of enchidos in my opinion. It’s made with pig fat, black pepper, garlic, flour, wine and salt. It’s normally eaten as a side dish or in a Cozido à Portuguesa.



Linguiça has the same format as a sausage. It’s normally filled with red and white meat, onion, garlic and various spices. It’s can be eaten without being cooked in a piece of bread. It has a taste similar to Chorizo but the seasoning is much lower, which is nice. It’s an enchido that is very popular in Europe and Brazil.



Salpicão is almost the same as Linguiça. It has fewer ingredients (pork meat, wine and garlic) and it can be eaten without passing through the stove. It’s normally consumed with broa in the afternoon or as an appetizer for any meal.



Morcela is normally filled with blood or fat of a pig and flour or rice. Please don’t imagine it, just eat it because it tastes amazing. It’s normally consumed as a side dish and it needs to be cooked in boiling water or in a grill. You can also taste it with bread and you will not regret it.

I think now you understand why you normally hear that we use ALL of the pig (the guts, the meat, the fat, the tongue, everything!). Please taste everything and you will not regret it. After this post I will make a special post talking about Portuguese wine. Hope to see you there!

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