Fried Food in Portugal

Welcome to the 3rd post about food in Portugal. You can see my last posts here and here. Today we are going to talk about fried food in Portugal. You can see this fried food everywhere! In restaurants, in supermarkets or in our grandmothers home, it tastes lovely wherever you go.

Pastéis de Bacalhau – Cod Fish Pastle


It’s made with potato puree, cod fish, onion and garlic. It’s fried and then served alone or as a side dish. You can find it frozen to be fried at home or made in the supermarket. The best ones are made in villages where we put the raw ingredients and make them with our bare hands.

Panados – Fried Steak

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Panado is nothing more than pork meat with egg and flour, fried in a pan. It’s commonly served in restaurants with salad, french fries and rice. It can be made using Pork or Cow meat, so ask to be sure you don’t eat Pork.

Filetes de Peixe – Fish Filet


The fish version of “Panado”. It’s commonly served with french fries also and sometimes it has little pieces of the spine, so please be careful. It’s a very tasty dish, even for someone who doesn’t like fish, like me.

Croquetes – Croquettes


We basically make them using leftovers from the last meal (but in restaurants and supermarket it’s not allowed to do that). It’s made with meat and onion in a pan and then it’s put in a fryer. It comes in a cylindrical shape and it can be eaten by the dozens! Again, be careful about the type of meat that this food might have.

Rissóis de Carne – Meat Patties

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“Rissóis” are very tasty when they are warm, 5 minutes after being out of the fryer.  It has chorizo, minced meat, onion, garlic and tomato. Be careful about the type of meat that this food might have

Rissóis de Camarão – Shrimp Patties


It’s just shrimp and onion fried to perfection. It’s very nice to find the piece of shrimp inside this “rissol”. In supermarkets or restaurants, they only put a piece of shrimp inside each one, but in villages, they are all stuffed with shrimps on the inside.



Pataniscas it’s like fish filet, but with breadcrumbs, egg, onion, and coriander. The taste is better than the fish filet because it’s made with more variety of ingredients.

There it is. These are the top fried food we have in Portugal. Keep in touch to see what’s an “Enchido” and our amazing variety of them.

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