How to visit museums for free in Portugal?

I know you are arriving in a new country and you might just want to have parties and hang out with other people. But have you ever felt the curiosity to visit iconic museums? Now you can do it for free!

Since 2017 that it’s free to visit certain Museums in Portugal on Sundays and holidays. You just need to wake up early because the free entrance is only until 14:00. You just need to choose the museums that are on the list.

Where is the List?

Our DGPC (Direcção Geral do Património Cultural) have an interactive map that you can see here (on the bottom of the page). Other museums might also have the same free visit schedule, but it’s up to them to give that offer to tourists.

Ok, and what museums should I visit?

Well, it really depends on what you like. but we have some suggestions.

National Palace of Ajuda


This is the only palace that can be visited in Lisbon. The Palace also houses important collections of 18th- and 19th- century decorative arts: gold and silverware, jewellery, textiles, furniture, glassware and ceramics, as well as collections of paintings, engravings, sculpture and photography.

National Coach Museum


Located in Lisbon, on the past military building, this museum have a lot of coaches. You can visit the museum almost everyday and the normal ticket costs 8€. ou can visit them for free on the first Sunday of every month.

Museum of Image and Movement


Located in Leiria, this museum will teach you the history of image (film and pictures) and you can also play with a lot of toys that will show you some optical illusions. The museum is open almost everyday and the ticket costs 2,10€. You can visit the museum for free on every Sunday. You can visit the museum virtually here.

Paper Mill


The year 1411 marks the beginning of the history of Leiria’s Paper Mill, one of the first of the Iberian Peninsula, at a time in which the industry of milling was determinant foreconomic development. In the quiet banks of the river Lis, the Mill stands out because of the structures of the old waterwheels present in the building and by the water-mills that accentuate the image of this old traditional industry.

Indoors, the traditional process of paper production can be accompanied by the visitors, as well as that of cereal grinding, done by a skilled miller. The museum is open almost everyday and the ticket costs 2,10€. You can visit the museum for free on every Sunday.

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