How to order and buy cheap beer in Portugal?

After the post about Beer brands in Portugal, I want to teach you how to order it and buy it cheaply. Unfortunately, not every bar in Leiria have English speaking staff, so let’s learn some Portuguese!

First I will put the Portuguese phrase and then translate it. After all this phrases its polite to say “por favor” or “se faz favor” to say please.

Uma cerveja por favor – a beer, please.

Duas cervejas por favor – two beers, please.

Uma cerveja grande – a pint of beer (our you can ask for “uma caneca”).

Uma garrafa de Super Bock/Sagres – a bottle of Super Bock/Sagres.

Um copo de vinho tinto – a glass of red wine.

Um copo de vinho branco – a glass of white wine.

Uma cerveza bem fresca por favor – a very cold beer please (they usually are).

Please don’t fall in the tourist trap by asking for a “Vinho tinto” in a coffee shop in Oporto. You will pay the price of a glass of vinho do Porto but will be served a normal glass of a random brand wine. If you want to taste a Port wine you can go to a shop and buy a bottle of it. It will be cheaper, you will get drunk and the wine will not spoil by being open.

Different sizes and servings

If you ask for a beer they will normally serve you a “mini” (20 or 25cl). They can also serve you a beer with 30cl, but not more. You can also ask for a “caneca” that will get you with a 50cl beer in your hand.

If you don’t ask for a bottle of beer (“garrafa), they might give you a glass of beer from a beer dispenser. You can also order a can (“Lata”), but it’s not very common for a restaurant to have cans of beer.


The prices range from bar to bar. It’s very common to find in Leiria a “mini” of Sagres or Super Bock for 1€ or 1,20€. A Heineken or Guinness usually cost 1,50€. In a club, the prices might jump to 3€ for a Sagres or Super Bock and 3,50€ for an international brand.

These prices might change if you go to Oporto, Lisbon or Algarve, because they have a lot of tourists and the cost of living there is bigger.

How to buy cheap beer in Portugal?

Luckily the supermarkets are your best friends for this! Both Pingo Doce and Continente have weekly promotions! Most of the time is at 50% discount!


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You don’t need to know how to read. When you go to Pingo Doce or Continente you can get a flyer and search for the pictures you want. You can also go into the store and visit the beer shelf looking for promotions. Sometimes we have a sale on Portuguese drinks so please pay attention every week.

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