How to go from Faro Airport to Leiria

So, you live in the UK or something? If so, it was a very good choice to arrive in Portugal from Faro airport. Unfortunately, the bus will take a long time to reach Leiria.

There are only two ways of getting to the bus station, by Bus or Taxi.



Bus number 16 runs from the airport to the bus station. It charges 2,22€ and the schedule is from 5:20am till 0:10am. It’s the best option to go from the airport to the city center and even has free wi-fi on board! The picture above has the route it will take.



I took the table from this Website that has the cost per minute or km. Please note that, if you use the trunk of the car to store your luggage (and most probably you will need to), you need to pay 1,60€ more. The price is for using the trunk and not per luggage item.

I am at the bus station. What do I do now?

Just board the bus. I will show you the schedule and how you can buy your ticket online. If you buy online you get a 5% discount but it’s not refundable if your flight suffers a delay. Also, Rede Expressos is the only major bus company operating in Portugal.


In the search bar, you just need to choose Faro and Leiria. And then the departure date. Please be advised that you can only book and search for bus tickets a month in advance.


Here you see the bus schedule between the two cities. Normally you need to change bus in Lisbon, but you can also choose a direct bus. In a direct route, the bus takes around 5H30 to get to Leiria.


Put the name, the ID document and the e-mail address as in any normal situation.


You can choose a Youth Ticket (20% discount) if you have an age between 13 and 29 years old.


You can choose a seat on the bus but we normally don’t care about seat numbers, we sit on the seat we want the most. You have the right to have the seat you’ve chosen if you have any problem regarding that.


Just choose a payment processor and confirm if everything is okay. You don’t need to fill the invoice data, because it’s normally used only for the Portuguese tax system. That’s it, now you just need to pay and you will receive a ticket on your e-mail address. You don’t need to print your ticket. Just show the ticket to your bus driver from your Smartphone or Tablet.

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