How to go from Lisbon Airport to Leiria

So, you decided to arrive to Portugal from Lisbon Airport? That’s totally fine, and today I’m gonna help you go from Lisbon Airport to Leiria. First of all, if you are using a low-cost airline, it may indicate that you will arrive at the terminal 2, but that is not true. The terminal 2 is only for low-cost departures, and you will get out of the airport on the Terminal 1 like everybody else.

When you get out of the baggage claim area, you just need to follow other tourists. In no time you will get to the entrance area of the airport. If you want to choose a Bus or a Taxi you can go in front (follow the sign saying “Aerobus” or Taxi). If you want to choose the metro just follow the red M that will be on your right side.


Metro is the cheapest option to get to the bus station. It’s also the best cheap option if you are arriving late, because they work from 6:30am till 1:00am. However, if you are carrying a lot of luggage please note that the lifts on the metro station are not working, so you will need to drag your luggage through a lot of stairs.


The metro station looks like this from the outside. Just go down the stairs (of lift if you have a lot of luggage) and pay for the ticket. The ticket cost 1,45€ and the card cost 0,50€. You can keep the card after this because you can use it for one year.


I highlighted only the parts you need. So, on the red line you go from the airport till the final station (São Sebastião). From there you need to change to the blue line and choose “Reboleira” direction. Then you get out on “Sete Rios – Jardim Zoológico” for the bus station. There are a lot of pickpockets so keep your stuff in your front pockets and your hands on your luggage. The metro and the bus station are two separate buildings. If you don’t know how to get out or if you get lost just ask for the bus station, it’s just outside of the metro building.


When you see this building you found it!


Aerobus is the best way if you are carrying a lot of luggage. You will pick it up at the airport and you only need to leave at the bus station. The prices range from 2€ to 4€.


For this journey you need to use the line 2. You catch the bus right outside the airport entrance, as you can see on the image above.



As you can see by the route, the bus number two is the only one who will take you to the bus station “Sete Rios”. You catch the bus at the airport and, with the price of the ticket, you will get to see a little tour of our amazing capital, but pay attention to the names of the stops, so you don’t miss yours.

They work a little bit less than the metro, because they operate from 7:40am till 10:45pm. If you arrive later you will need to use the metro or taxi.



Taxi or Uber might be other options to consider, if you are with a lot of friends, arrive late or have a lot of luggage. Please not that a taxi should not cost more than 15€ and the value has to be displayed in a taxi meter.


To save the huge queues you might have on the taxi waiting area, you can also use Uber. Uber is normally cheaper but the taxi employees might not like what they see.

I see so many horror stories tourists say that I have a lot of warnings. The taxi meter needs to be running and that’s the final price, no more 5€ or 10€ because that was a busy day for him. No, the fee for putting luggage in the trunk is only once and not per bag. No, a taxi from the airport to the bus station is not very long, only 10 minutes without traffic (maybe 15 if they want you to have a forced tour).

I arrived to the bus station, now what?

You can buy a ticket online or in the bus station. The price online is 5% cheaper but if you have a delay on your flight ups, there goes your ticket. This guide will help you buy online but please follow it because it also shows the route schedule.


First you need to go to Rede expressos Website. From there you can search for tickets between “Lisboa Sete Rios” and “Leiria”. You can also search for a departure because the schedule change in weekdays and weekends. Also, you can only search and book one month in advance, maximum.


If you don’t want to buy a ticket that’s it. These are the schedule from the buses between Lisbon and Leiria. Normally takes 1H45 minutes to get from Lisbon to Leiria, but you can also stop in other places to pick other people, so the route might be bigger. Please check the bus station in Leiria.


Normal procedure, just put your name, e-mail address and ID document and confirm if everything is right.


You can choose a Youth Ticket (20% discount) if you have an age between 13 and 29 years old.


You can choose a seat on the bus but we normally don’t care about seat numbers, we sit on the seat we want the most. You have the right to have the seat you’ve chosen if you have any problem regarding that. After that you just need to pay. You can pay by Paypal or credit card, because you don’t have any other ways to pay. You don’t need to fill the invoice data, but if you want and have a problem regarding the tax number, please put “999999990” (final customer tax number).


If you choose the Credit card payment you just need to put on your data and that’s it, you’ve paid! You don’t need to print your ticket. Just show the ticket to your bus driver from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Hey! Don’t you have a train also?

Of course we have, but it costs more money, it’s not direct, you will take more time arriving to Leiria and you will not arrive to the city center.

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