Is it safe to drink Tap Water in Leiria?

You see bottled water everyone. When you go shopping for groceries you see people buying bottled water. You go to a coffee shop to drink water and they serve you a small bottled water. You go to school and even they serve you a bottled water. So, is it safe to drink Tap Water in Leiria (and Portugal)?

Generally yes, almost all tap water is safe to drink directly from the faucet.

However, in Leiria and near this region we have some concentrations of limestone. Also, the taste is not so good and, if you live in an old apartment or house, the pipes might make your water worse. Most of locals, with bottled water costing as low as 0,09€/liter, prefer to drink it that way.



Our local water supplier even had an advertisement where it wanted to move people from buying bottled water, because the tap water was safe to drink.

Even then, people still buys bottled water because the taste is better.

If you travel to the rest of the country, note that 98,4% of tap water is safe to drink.


Special Places


There are special places where it’s considered a sin to drink bottled water. In the mountains of Portugal (the source of our bottled water) you need to taste the tap water, because it’s like you have an unlimited source of bottle water from the faucet.

If you prefer to drink beer, you can also travel to the mountains to take pictures of people in the water sources with 5 or 6 huge water bottles in their hands ready to fill.

Where NOT to drink it


Every place that has a “Água Imprópria para Consumo” sticker. Of course, in the image above you can obviously see why the water is not good.

What water brand to buy?


In my honest opinion, the best water brand is the cheapest one. You are already drinking bottled water, and you have the guarantee it’s safe to drink.

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