Do we Tip in Portugal?

I didn’t know people had doubts regarding tipping in Portugal, so let’s start a post dedicated to this issue. When tourists visit our country and don’t tip, they are very happy because the waiters don’t give them mean looks.

I am shocked when I see people recommend tipping in Portugal, because you don’t need to. Waiters don’t rely on tips to receive a good wage, they receive a fixed rate per hour already. There are few exceptions, however.

For example, if you go to a hotel and they have an employee to carry your luggage, it’s good to tip him. Also, if you had an extremely great service it’s very nice to leave a tip (I only left a tip once in Madeira island. The waitress saved us 2€ in parking by stamping our parking ticket so we tipped her 5€).

It’s not required to leave a tip in a restaurant, cafe or in a market, but you can tip if you want. The owners or employees might be very happy with your attitude. Me, my friends and my family never tip when they go shopping or eating out. I don’t know anyone who tips in Portugal.

Please leave your comment regarding this issue. I understand that this issue might be difficult for some, but I am here to help you get used to our country.

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